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The ultimate cat-flap

While making plans to redecorate the hobby-room, we stumbled upon the question, how to give our cats access to the hobby-room. The most simple solution is to leave the door open. But that will give some draft of cold air. The next solution can be a cat-flap. We already have two doors in the house […]

Hamster Energy

A short clip about ‘Hamster Energy’. It’s good to think about renewable energy. Not all types of ‘environmental friendly energy’ are good for the environment. The less steps there are between the energy source and the consumer, the more efficient it is.

Link to the clip: Hamster Energy

Ha, ha, lets think about the use […]

no more flying (part two)

This summer, our youngest cat Spot, catched his first bird. The sparrow must have been a young one. Because Spot isn’t the fasted cat in the world. Spot didn’t know that he is supposed to eat the sparrow. So he played a bit with the bird. Luckily for the bird, it was a quick kill. […]

No more flying (part one)

While cleaning out all the junk in the garage, I found this dead bat. I’ve no idea how long he or she has been there. The box must have been in the garage for some years, and I haven’t looked in it for ages. Which subspecies it is, I don’t know. What I do know […]