Hamster Energy

A short clip about ‘Hamster Energy’.
It’s good to think about renewable energy. Not all types of ‘environmental friendly energy’ are good for the environment. The less steps there are between the energy source and the consumer, the more efficient it is.

Link to the clip: Hamster Energy

Ha, ha, lets think about the use of Hamsters in my house for making electricity.
Lets say, a hamster running in his rotary exerciser, can drive a little bicycle-dynamo. That gives 5Volt, 0,2Amp = 1Watt
I need about 2500kW/h a year, is 6,85kW/h a day.
So I need 1000 hamsters, running for 6 hours and 51 minutes a day.
Uhhh… Yeah!… I think my cats will go crazy 😉

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